About Us

European chic meets Mediterranean tradition

With a passion for Greek heritage and an affection towards splashes of colour, so began artist and designer Lila Karagianni’s path towards transforming handbags out of “kourelou” – the traditional woven rugs made from forgotten fabrics in Grecian homes. Blending contemporary artistic elements and styling with local traditional weaves, Karagianni began transforming the rugs into original modern inspiring pieces reminiscent of a work of art. And thus, kooreloo the brand was born.

Fast-forward just three short years, and 2017 sees kooreloo undergo huge international expansion – now available in 27 countries, including the arrival to Australian shores earlier this year. And the brand’s success has not gone unnoticed – catching the eyes of celebrities and influencers alike such as Adriana Lima, Andy Csinger and Hippie Lane’s Taline Gabriel.

What makes each kooreloo bag truly special is the attention to detail apparent in every piece. With the inclusions of additional design elements such as coins, metallic chains, pom poms, and fringing on the outside, unique aspects of the bags continue on the inside – with each bag opening up to reveal an artistic image of the Goddess Athena hand-painted by Karagianni herself. The handcrafted nature of each kooreloo bag has also really hit a chord, with all excited to be taking home a one-of-a-kind item. At kooreloo, no two bags are the same.

We hope you enjoy taking a journey with kooreloo.